Health is underestimated.
Cherish your body. Invest in yourself.

Be extremely grateful for what you have. If you are capable of reading this, you have a-lot.


3. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.
You end up being the average of the people you spend your life with.

4. Drop your ego.

5. Call your grandparents more. It means the world to them. Do it now.

6. Frame your goals.
I started a year ago with writing the silliest, most dreamy list, and suddenly I see, I have achieved more then a half of it.

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7. Feel your fears and do them anyways.
Don’t let failure hold you back.
I know this sounds like a slogan, but it really is true. Try it.

8. Forgive yourself and others.
Whatever you did, Whoever you are. It’s OK.

9. Stay Humble.
Your accomplishments are way bigger if you don’t scream them out.

10. Always take the stairs…

11. Use Less STUFF.
We have so so much of everything. Instead of purchasing 50 kinds of whatever, perhaps just get one of each?

12. Your job isn’t your mission.
I work so much that there is nothing left of my life. My mission this next year is- hard work is satisfying, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of health, relationships, and sports.

13. Build a supportive team around you.
There’s nothing I am more grateful in life then my dearest family, spouse and friends.

14. Give back.
Give back from your time and energy, just like others have given you.
Visit this link for more info..

15. Change has a positive outcome.
We all want more, but without risking a change.
Change is uncertainty. Uncertainty is discomfort. Discomfort isn’t fun. BUT, this is how you grow.

16. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
It’s only a channel through which we broadcast our insecurities.

17. Celebrate the little things.
Happy New Years.

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