This was a special ring custom made for an LA girl that moved to Israel. Her lovely boyfriend was the ultimate partner in crime to make this mission a success.

I’ll start by saying that the main goal was to get as much coverage as possible with a 1CT round centre diamond. We started creating options that fit the budget, and finally came up with a three stone and a centre halo.

In my opinion, a halo isn’t for everyone- but if you love a sparkling look- definitely consider it as an option. If a halo is done right, it could also look very soft and dainty. The design, paired with the diamond sizes and proportions, contribute to create a polished look. 


Casted in 18K super white special alloy, which never needs rhodium plating was one of our first choices. We wanted to stay in a classic style, and a brilliant centre was the one we chose to match our vision. We narrowed the options down for side stones proportions, then searched accordingly, and finally made a few sketches for the setting.

Once we found the centre stone, we sourced the side diamonds that would perfectly complete the design. Finally, we drew a few sketches in order to have a better vision of the project. The biggest challenge was to make the three diamonds sit seemlessly on the shank. 

At YAMA we know how important it is for you to feel like you are creating pieces that you can wear with pride. We are always delighted to work with each client one-on-one to ensure that your piece stands out on its own.  We make custom designs with your input and personal touch.

To us, when designing a piece, it’s not just about jewelry; these are heirlooms, collectables, meant to be cherished. When meeting you, selecting a stone, designing a custom piece, or engraving a name on one of these pieces- we are creating together, a treasure that will be remembered and loved for the years to come.

I got 99 problems, but jewelry ain’t one!

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