When I got a call for a custom 2.50CT Engagement ring, I was delighted to get to work on such a glamorous project!

Let me begin by saying a 2.50CT is a dream size center stone partly because of the size but not only, the clarity and color of the stone were high quality and it’s always fun to work with exquisite material. Coming up with a setting for this stone was very exciting, trying to think of the best way to showcase the center stone without underplaying the setting. We started off very simple breaking it down into steps. What was my clients budget, how will we make the ring comfortable? After a few back and forths between my client and I, we decided to move forward with an elegant solitaire setting. I always look forward to projects like these, getting to be involved with all of your love stories and coming up with creative timeless pieces that will be cherished and worn for years to come.


Casted in 18K super white special alloy, that will never need any rhodium touch ups was one of our base choices. We then moved on to the selection of the diamond’s budget and DNA – where we put emphasis on color over clarity.

  1. Because of the white gold alloy- we needed a higher color stone.
  2. Because of the brilliant cut faceting, the imperfections are not as visible as step cuts for example.

We started searching for a GIA stone with a color between an E to G color and SI in clarity. This wasn’t the easiest task but when we did find the one – it was very satisfying.

To me, when designing a piece, it’s not just about jewelry; these are heirlooms, collectables, meant to be cherished. When meeting you, selecting a stone, designing a custom piece, or engraving a name on one of these pieces- we are creating together, a treasure that will be remembered and loved for the years to come.

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