The GEOMETRIC FANTASY collection is made of soft colors in geometric layouts and shapes.

Signet rings, delicate charms, grey diamonds, emerald and sapphire stones are all mixed up blended and created from our most valuable muse and inspiration- femininty.

Each piece in this collection is made to create that “wow” factor.

But hey, that doesn’t mean one is just enough:)

The DéPENDRE Collection is an integration of Geometric shapes and deep emotions, creating delicate & detailed jewelry.

Maya used her own romantic relationship as a muse for this collection, making a conceptual connection between the phases she and her spouse went through. DéPENDRE means “depending on”- this collection’s pieces symbolizes leaning on one another, touching, dreaming, learning how to trust deeply & mutually.

308 - Dash Dot XL
comp - 2
270-Ring - V set 1
264+268 VAL4
264 - Earrings - Val Frame
303 - Ring- Grey Diamonds Edition - Emerald+Princesses
277-Ring - Octagon Signet marquise+303-Ring- Grey Diamonds Edition - Emerald+Princesses3


Photographer: Noa Schlosser
Packs: Alexander Kucheranko
Model: Hili Peled
Hair & Makeup: Michal Azachi