Layering necklaces adds a subtle level of complexity to any look. YAMA jewelry harnesses the beauty within each precious stone while still creating fun geometric patterns that takes a layered look to the next level. Here are examples of layered looks:

Example for a perfect combination:

The diamond mess double necklace takes away the stress of finding jewelry that matches each other and the different geometric charms add a fun element to the piece.

Another example for a perfect layering- the secret is in the different lengths and gap between them. Designing one that is pretty high (40-42cm), a following one that is longer (50cm) and a bigger drop one (60-65cm)

When layering necklaces its important to pick pieces that are different lengths so they don’t get tangled. It’s also important to pick pieces that are different but complement each other. We love to mix metals when we are layering our necklaces because it allows for each color gold to pop.

I got 99 problems, but jewelry ain’t one!

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