The Spiralé Collection speaks in terms of air and volume.
By using inverted dimensions and hollowed spaces, YAMA creates new rules for jewelry and how it is worn. This Wearable Architecture is constructed of floating pavê
diamonds set on fine 18k gold, creating a mix of beautiful chaos and complete order. The individual pieces talk among themselves and bring the collection together with a harmonious feeling of elevated perspective.

Each piece encompasses the true you, giving the wearer a feeling of strength and completeness from within. This collection is loud enough to catch the eye of a passerby, yet in classic YAMA signature style, it is discreet enough to wear all day and into the night.

Spiralé is all about high street style integrated with exquisite details. Every piece in the collection is signed by the artist and numbered, in a limited series of five from each design.



Photographer: Rotem Lebel
Style: Shaylee Nisim
Packs: Maya Daphna
Model: Lotta Neudecker
Hair & Makeup: Gali Keren