Founded in 2015 by Maya Shkedy, YAMA Fine Jewelry  is a modern luxury brand that embodies a linear and architectural aesthetic with an emphasis on fine materials and quality craftsmanship.

Maya’s background as a goldsmith and architect shine through each YAMA jewel, generating unique and powerful pieces. Maya’s goal is to create jewelry that becomes an extension of the wearer, an inherent part of one’s narrative. The urge to constantly seek larger proportions and aesthetics keeps Maya committed to both the world of fine jewelry and contemporary design.

The collections are defined by the intertwinement of architectural concepts & jewelry by bringing the all-encompassing structures from the world of architecture in to the mesmerizing world of Fine Jewelry. Using tools such as 3D printing and planning software from the architectural world gives Maya the ability to create distinguished designs.

From concept and design, to execution and gem settings Maya handles every aspect of the process to ensure the highest quality. All YAMA pieces are designed and handcrafted in gold alloys, set with premium cut diamonds from the heart of Tel Aviv diamond district.

I BELIEVE in women. Femininity amazes me.

We are a beautiful creation. Strong assertive women are a true role model for me.

I want every woman to feel good about herself whilst wearing a YAMA piece.


- Maya Shkedy