What can I say about the Tripartite that can’t be seen from first glance?!

I got the inspiration for this piece from my own engagement ring journey.

I myself have set and unset my ring three times because I had a feeling like I was close to what I wanted but always had new ideas I wanted to cast into my ring. Until I came up with this timeless, elegant setting.

The Tripartite is a three stone ring which gives you the full coverage experience, so if your center stone is around 1.00-1.50CT and you want something a little more grand, the Tripartite should be among your top choices.

The actual setting for the Tripartite is something I couldn’t describe with words, you have to see it in person. The band for the Tripartite is set in the YAMA signature ultra thin setting, and weights just enough in order for you to notice the details down to the unique triangular prong setting.

After re-making my own and falling in love all over again with it- I made a whole collection of these, to share the love back with my clients.

I got 99 problems, but jewelry ain’t one!

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