By the way, YAMA, if you still are wondering, is MAYA rearranged. I’m not the kind of person to name my brand with my own name… I am shy:)I have been dreaming about a space where I can share my daily life.

I know things always look very glamorous on Facebook and Instagram, so I decided I wanted to share a genuine piece of me, my thoughts, style, muse and process of how YAMA works.

At the age of 16 I remember wandering around the south TLV streets, looking for small findings, matching them up and creating jewelry. I later would sell these pieces at small designer boutiques, having done this made me an independent teenager and gave me challenges to deal with above my years. This was my first baby step into the tremendous world of jewelry.

Since then I grew in the business, finished my goldsmith studies, and added another totally different yet similar career choice- an architecture degree.

Now, after looking back at these two worlds I now own, I can assure you – they are more similar then you have ever imagined.


You can see below my final architecture project, which was all planned in Rhinoceros – a 3D jewelry planning software (I found out a few year later that it’s actually a jewelry software!).

My designs were made to be a fashion school, municipal library, and a women’s only entrepreneurial club. This project was rewarded by one of Israel’s best known architects and it was a tremendous honor for me.

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