This post is gonna be extra long so bear with me. I promise it is worth the while:

>> Pick a time first. Choose your preferred dates regardless of location.
>> Choose only a location that is the mid-high season within your dates. Why? Because its not fun being alone at a restaurant, or finding out all the tours are not running since it is low season.
>> Plan with a budget. And book accordingly. Don’t feel bad if you book really expensive hotels – if the total budget adds up you are doing just fine:)
>> Plan you route smart – with minimum transferees as available.

So, after choosing that location we started studying this subject.
We had nearly 3 weeks and wanted to enjoy the maximum even if it means to be a bit more lavish.

>> Transferring between islands in the Philippines is HARD, and pretty expensive. Pick the route with correlation to the locations of the airports and flight times.

>> You better book everything in advance – since the fancy luxe hotels are pre-bookes 3-4 months in advanced, flights also.
In general, we preferred flying then boating – where there was an option available.

>> Bring a ton of bathing suits and accessories. There is barely any shopping there.

>> Do a little research for new and exciting places that you can stay in. There are highly recommended places like the Sangria-La, but we felt it was a little too touristic for us.

THE ROUTE- (highly recommended for 2-3 weeks)
Hong Kong (1 night) >> Boracay (5 nights) >> El Nido (6 nights) >> Coron (4 nights) >> Manila (1 night) >> Hong Kong (1 night)

Boracay (5 nights)
We stayed at the SHANGRI-LA. I assure you that is a very nice hotel, as long as you take the sea view room. It is a bit pricy but a good landing spot. We dedicated 5 nights in this island since hubby loves kite-surfing and this is one of the world’s top locations for kite surfing. If you don’t surf – I would recommend spending less time in this island overall.

El Nido (6 nights)
We stayed at the CADLAO for the first 2 nights. It was a fun and pretty basic.
Then we moved to the MINILOC RESORT at the Miniloc Island. This was an amazing place, a true heaven on earth. It is one out of the 4 El-Nido resorts, so I would say any one of these 4 official resorts – would be a great choice.

Coron (4 nights)
We took a boat to a crazy private island, called BAMBOO PRIVATE ISLAND, having only 5 bungalows on a hill, a private chef and an endless beach front. (Careful- no hot water, but that really is a part of the whole experience)
This was the cherry on top, of for our Phillipines experience.
Try seeing if they have any availability for your trip. I would recommend this the most.

Coron is one of the top places to scuba dive, but really doesn’t have a lot of fancy accommodation options. We stayed at the FUNNY LION for our last night in the islands. This place has crazy sunsets and beautiful roof top bar. Overall I think that was a fun little spot for our grad finale honeymoon.

Manila (1 Night)
Moving to Manila for our last night before the international 13 hours flight was a pretty good choice. I hear dManila could be a great disappointment, but also wonderful if you research well. We only arrived at night and left by sunset, so saw the HENRY HOTEL’s environment only.
This was a fun experience, near the airport & feels a lot like Italy.

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