You all know that classic, solitaire necklace- a great all timer present for graduation, birthdays, anniversary celebration- and so on.

Honestly, we really love that, BUT we don’t really love wearing what everyone else has.

SO- we created our special solitaire with a little bit of an edge.

Casted in 14K gold alloy, with a carat weight shifting between 0.3-0.9, this necklace will never be taken off of you.

We narrowed the options of the diamond cut to a round, trillion, pear, emerald, and princess- because we think these are classic cuts that will stay modern forever.


At YAMA we know how important it is for you to feel like you are creating pieces that you can wear with pride. We are always delighted to work with each client on-on-one to ensure that your piece stands out on its own. We make custom order designs with your input and personal touch.

To me, when designing a piece, it’s not just about jewelry; these are heirlooms, collectables, meant to be cherished. When meeting you, selecting a stone, designing a custom piece, or engraving a name on one of these pieces- we are creating together, a treasure that will be remembered and loved for the years to come.

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